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At Valdres Fjellguider we are really passionate about adventure, freedom, the environment and being the best that we can.  We offer bespoke mountaineering courses as well as guided tours in Valdres and the Jotunheim mountains of Norway.

We are competent and qualified in all mountaineering activities. All activities are provided in Norwegian and/or English

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August 30, 2017

Report: Styggedalstind/Skagastølstind traverse

Report: Styggedalstind/Skagastølstind travers: For quite some time now I have been eager to undertake the classic Alpine Styggedalstind/Skagastølstind traverse in the Hurrungane which is part of the Jotunheim mountains.  It is…

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August 5, 2017

Bespoke course: July

During July Valdres Fjellguider had the great privilege of running a bespoke course for two enthusiastic and very fit lads from the Norwegian War School.  They didn’t want an off-the-shelf mountaineering…

July 14, 2017

Paramo’s Bora windproof and Bora fleece hoodie combo

This review is about Paramo’s Bora windproof and Bora fleece hoodie combo. Paramo clothing have been around for quite sometime now.  It has often been described as being a but…


Valdres Fjellguider offers many different types of bespoke courses. In Norway the seasons are very defined and we take advantage of this to vary our courses, accordingly. In keeping with Norwegian outdoor tradition, all courses are driven by the participants. This means you can decide on a daily basis what will happen. After all it is your course! Click on the pictures below to find out more about the courses. If you require more information please contact us.


Spring is a wonderful time to explore Norway and especially the Jotunheim.  Winter, in all her majesty, reluctantly relinquishes her icy grip on the frozen landscape as the longer warmer days of Spring ebb in.  This is the time for long multi-day ski tours, by tent or from hut to hut, mountaineering over snowy peaks, skiing in to climb sun kissed rock and rock climbing in the valleys. See our Spring courses


Summer is a wonderful time to visit Norway.  The days get longer and warmer, the snow reluctantly melts allowing a riot of new life to climb up from the valleys floors into the mountains. For a brief moment it is as if winter never had it icy grip on these majestic landscape.  Briefly anyway. See our Summer courses


Adventures in winter are always special.  There is something very pure and majestic about winter time in Norway, with the frozen landscape revealing itself as a still and harsh beauty. See our Winter courses


Autumn is traditionally a quieter time in the outdoor enthusiast’s life. While Autumn may not have the longest days and certainly does not have the most stable weather, it is possible to undertake both touring and mountaineering courses in the Jotunheim.  And the mountains are simply empty and dramatic! See our Autumn courses


Guiding in the mountains of Norway has been a noble service for over 200 years.  William Cecil Slingsby often used local guides  and  farmers to assist him up the then unclimbed mountains of Norway.  He also, late one evening on the 21 July 1876, left his friends and guides behind at a col – now named Mohns Skard (named after Emanuel Mohn) – and climbed alone to the top of Storen (Store Skagastølstind), making the first ascent of the peak that was considered then impossible.
The relationship between guide and guest is precious.  At Valdres Fjellguider we respectfully accompany guests on their dreams, offering our skills and experience to make their journey as enjoyable and safe as possible.
For more information please contact us.  We can correspond through email, phone or Skype to discuss your projects.

Example of tours

Dates & Prices

Please contact us to find out about availability.

Torfinnstindtraversen 1800kr pr pers (min 2, maks 4 per førar).

Pionérruta Falketind 1500kr pr person (min 3, maks 4 per førar).

Pionérruta Falketind + Stølsnostindane 1800kr pr person (min 2, maks 4 per førar).

Uranostind (Via Breen) 1200kr (min 4, maks 10 per førar).

Uranostind (Søreggen) 1800kr (min 2, maks 3 per førar).

Store Austadbotntind 2 pers: 2 850,- pr pers.

2,5 days “Mini mountaineering course” / Mini fjellsportskurs”

Mini mountaineering course provided over a weekend (Friday evening to sunday). These course provided guidance in mountaineering and glacier crossings on peaks like Falketind via the pioneer route or Uranostind via the glacier route.
Price: 2 person = 3750 per person.  3 people = 7500 nok.  minimum 2 people max 4.

“Meditasjon & Mountaineering”

Samarbeid med HeimVegen Nærhet til naturen gir også nærhet til sjelen. Å bevege seg i vakre naturopplevelser, løfter mennesker innvendig. I fjellene er det en spesiell atmosfære og klatring, fjellvandring og meditasjon er en god kombinasjon som vekker sinnet og stimulerer til klarhet og velvære.

This course can also be offered in “English”

6,5 days Mountaineering or Glacier course / 6,5 dagers Fjellsport eller brekurs

Mountaineering course from “Zero to hero” Price is 9500 nok per person. This course is provided in English.
Mountaineering kurs fra “Zero to hero” Prisen er 9500 nok per person. Dette kurset vil være på engelsk.

Bespoke from 1 to 7 days.

Price is from 3500 to 9500 nok person. If you want more advice or to start planning, please contact us.

Skreddersydde fra 1 til 7 dager.

Priser ca 3500 til 9500 nok per person. Ta gjerne kontakt med oss hvis du ønsker å rådføre deg mer eller vil begynne å planlegge.

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Jamie Simpson

Mob:   (+47) 410 77 968

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