Skogshorn – “Siluetten”

Yesterdays mini adventure took us to Skogshorn in Hemsedal on a reconnaissance tour up the classic “Siluetten”.  We had not climbed this route before and I was thinking it would make good tour for one of the courses we will be running this summer.  While the top of the route has a very nice ridge and position the lower section, especially the first two pitches are really loose.  We climbed carefully so not to dislodge rocks onto each other.  This alone made me think twice about using it as a route on courses as there was so many large loose blocks it would be easy for someone to pull one off, directly onto another participant.  Shame really as the top section of the ridge is fun and more solid.  Great day, very windy, lovely situation and on the middle section some lovely flowers and other flora.

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