Paramo’s Bora windproof and Bora fleece hoodie combo

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This review is about Paramo’s Bora windproof and Bora fleece hoodie combo.

Paramo clothing have been around for quite sometime now.  It has often been described as being a but like Marmite, you like it or you don’t.   Paramo isn’t a classic waterproof jacket, more of a hybrid, working on slightly different principles. They are also an ethical and environmental company which ticks all the boxes for us at Valdres Fjellguider.  We receive the jackets as a pro-deal, with means we get them for 30% cheaper then other people.

Unlike many lightweight jackets which have a fixed membrane and outer shell the the bora combo has two separate sections a  inner fleece and outer pertex shell that can be combined to form a lightweight waterproof garment or a stand alone fleece or a wind shirt.  This gives a very flexible clothing option.


Bora fleece:  406 grams

Bora windproof jacket: 300 grams (or just under that)


Bora fleece:  100 GBP

Bore windproof jacket: 65 GBP

Bora fleece:

Bora fleece is a pullover design and the size medium I have fits well.  Traditionally paramo, well how do I put it were not a designer label, and there style was often described as a sack.  The Bora fleece isn’t a athletic fit, and its not a sack, a basic fleece fits is probable the best way of describing it. I am between a medium to large fit and this model fits well and I can have additional layers under if required without restricting movement.   The fabric is wind and weather resistant, which from my testing over the last year means it can tolerate a light shower and moderate winds.  From the top; the hoodie fits well under a helmet.  The 1/3 zip can be closed up to give neck and lower face protection and there is not conflict with skin and zip, as a small baffle at the top has been provided.  This is also made from fleece on the side and pertex on the outside.  This stops the zip from catching very effectively. On the left breast there is a small stash pocket.  It can fit an iPhone, however the position means it sits directly on my collar bone and makes the pocket impractical to carry heavy / stiff items.  Not sure what these pockets are for to be honest many jackets have them and I am at a loss to there function.  Two hand warming tunnel / pocket with zips at both end has also been provided and forms the signature Paramo style as found with many of there products.

Pack size?  Can be rolled / crammed down to a mug size ball.

Bora windproof:

The windproof is made from a robust fabric that is windproof.  From testing its up to the job.  Again its a pullover design. From the top the hoodie fits over a helmet easily.  The hood has a simple stiffened peak and facial draw closure.  Round the back there is a simple flap with velcro that can be used in combination with the hanging up loop to hold the hood when rolled up.  Personally I never us this function on any jacket I have had. The 1/3 zip again has the top section protected with a additional flap to hinder zip catch.  Its effective.  Again Paramo have continued with there signature design on this jacket, this being a kangaroo style pocket on the chest.  The pocket is of a practical size and can accommodate a map and compass.  Interestingly the they have made an internal pocket which is secured with velcro.  This pocket would not hold an iPhone, possible credit cards or a compass or even an old style mobile.  The closure does not fill me with confidence.  The problem with kangaroo style pockets is, when you end over and consequently forgotten to zip it shut everything falls out. This internal pocket with velcro will hinder this problem, but still, a small zip would have been better. On both sides of the jacket the signature Paramo design continues with two side zips.  This can be opened in several ways to increase ventilation and / or getting the thing on and of easily.  My mini grip with this is the lower zips at the hem need to be placed consciously in the fixed position to hold the zip closed.  If you forget the zips can creep up annoyingly. The hem is reenforced, and has no drawcord closure. I hadn’t really thought about this until I started the review and to be honest I haven’t missed it on this jacket. On the sleeves the ends are closed with a simple flap and velcro set up.  Functional.

Pack size?  Can be rolled / crammed down to a mug size ball.


When both fleece and windproof are combined, according to Paramo they form a light weight waterproof.  From my experience over the last year, from instruction and guiding, walking the dog and ski touring this description is accurate.  Its not a heavy weight waterproof, more of a summer jacket or spring ski touring jacket.  I personally find the combination and winner, as often in the spring while ski-touring I need a windproof and not a waterproof, and at the same time a fleece for when the wind drops.  If I was to use a classic hardshell as I have before; i would need to keep the hard shell on and often take layers of underneath to regular temperature.

Paramo isn’t a traditional waterproof, its more of a hybrid.  To maintain the water repellant nature of the outer fabric you need to wash the garment. Firstly with a pure washing powder, for example the type you wash wool and and then re-proof it with Nikwax water repellent. This can be a bit of a hassle when compared with other jackets.  The plus side to Paramo clothing is they last a long time, they are robust and the water repellent nature can be reapplied as many times as you like. If you damage the outer in the field you can saw it up and continue with little or no effect to its performance. From previous experience my paramo jackets last 10 years plus.  Its often the velcro that fails first, not the performance.

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