Ski – touring and Mountaineering holiday / course – Uranos massif

Ski – touring and Mountaineering holiday / Course – Uranos massif, Jotunheim

The course will be held in the Uranos massive in the Jotunheim.  These spectacular mountains, offer long tours over moderately difficult ski terrain and therefore are perfect for a more modest skier, for what we might call a British ski mountaineer.   The terrain is often more gentle, with short steeper sections and there is a good balance between touring, skiing and mountaineering.  The mountaineering sections are considered none technical, although crampons and axe might be needed under certain conditions.

The tours are generally long and therefore focus on lighter equipment and good general fitness is advantageous.

Ski level:  Suit a very British style of skiing, with focus on mountain fitness rather than technique.

The majority of the terrain is under 20 degrees.  Should able to ski red runs, link turns and traverse steeper slopes. All this with a day rucksack on.

Possibility to hire randonee / avalanche equipment if good notice is given.

Day 1: Evening:

Accommodation at Landsrud cottage.

  • Presentation of instructor and participants.
  • Discussion on expectations/summary of the week to come.
  • Equipment check

Evening meal and social.

Day 2: Preparation / Gear check/buddy rescue and tour


Travel into Fondsbu via Tyin.

Accommodation: Fondsbu DNT

This day gives a chance to get to know each other, check equipment, discuss the week’s tour and practice buddy rescue.

The instructor will go through how they go about, preparing for a tour against weather forecasts, avalanche bulletins and gradient maps.  Time will be spent discussing the “human factor” and how it steers group decisions

  • Short tour, with focus on ski- discipline touring up and skiing down.
  • Buddy rescue


Evening: Discussion on the day and planning for the next day


Day 3: Tour to Uranostinden

Time: 10-12 hours.

Description: Long tour over gentle terrain/glacier until the spectacular summit ridge.

This majestic peak dominates the landscape when seen from Tyin.  Its conical shape forms a charismatic peak and does not fail in catching the eye off all that pass through this landscape.

Even thou its profile is of an alpine peak it can be ascended with relative ease via Uranosbreen (Glacier)

The tour from Fondsbu first follows gentle slopes to the glacier.  At first, the snout of the glacier steepens slightly before levelling off to more gentle terrain between the spectacle ridges of the Uranostinden and Langeskavtinden.  After approximately 1,5 hours we reach land again, a little north of Uranostind main summit. From here depending on conditions we can continue to ski up the ridge to just short of the summit or go on feet.  The last 30 meters is an airy traverse to the summit.

Descent: By the same route.



Day 4:  Tour on Galdebergtinden, 2075m

Time: 8 hours

Description: A large mountain rising steeply up from Bygdin lake.  The west slopes offer good ski opportunities, while the east side is a steep thunderous drop. Even though the mountain is a short ski from Fondsbu it will feel remote.

From Fondsbu we first ski over relatively flat terrain on the north side of Bygdin water until it is possible to ascend steepish slopes west of the river called Høystakka to a flattish area below Galdeberg proper.  From here we ascend slopes to a valley between Uksedalshøe and Galdebergtinden before ascending slopes to the summit ridge.

Descent:  Reverse the route. Good skiing pitches over changing terrain


Day 5: Langeskavtinden, 2014m

Time: 8 hours

Description: A long defined ridge, with spectacular views of the Uranos massive.

From Fondsbu we retrace the route we followed to Uranostinden and hang right, up the slopes of Langeskavtinden.  The airy summit has spectacular views of Uranostinden, Sagi, Mjølkedalspiggen.  If people are feeling more adventurous we can ascend the northwest ridge which can form a steep snowy arête.

Descent:  Reverse the route. Good skiing pitches over changing terrain


Day 6: Short tour around Fondsbu

Depending on people desires and flights a short tour from the hut to some of the smaller peaks, with more focus on skiing rather than touring.

Travel: Back out to Tyin with the beltebil (caterpillar bus).

Accommodation available at Landsrud cottage again if required.

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