HeimVegen and Valdres Fjellguider

HeimVegen based in Hemsedal and Valdres Fjellguider have decided over a cup of tea (we are Englishmen after all) to cooperate and run courses together under the working title of “Mindfulness in Nature”.

All the courses run under this title are held within a framework of mindfulness.  The courses take the practice of being mindful and set them into an activity for example: being in nature, a winter ski tour or while undertaking an avalanche awareness course.

The nature of these courses is to bring yourself back to the here and now and to be attentive to your thoughts and how they steer you away from being present to the wonderful true nature found within.

The courses follow a traditional mindfulness practice, for example, sitting meditation, along with undertaking practice in an activity, for example: as simple as washing up dished, or packing your rucksack to skiing in the forest or digging a snow shelter.

Nature is a beautiful thing, it is always present to itself and is a great teacher, we, therefore, on these courses gentle remind ourselves of our own true nature.

In these times many people are unsatisfied with there lives, they strive to find happiness, chasing it only to find it is shortlived.  On a mindfulness in nature course, you undertake an activity which you may already be engaged with and return to becoming present to yourself.


A bit about Jem from HeimVegen:

Mindfulness in Nature

Jeremy (known as Jem) grew up with Highland farming in Britain and is used to physical work, handcrafts and extensive mountain and wilderness activities. He has completed the two-year seminar of mentoring in outdoor life and culture at the Norwegian Alpine Centre and now has over 25 years of experience as a mountain guide and mentor in outdoor life. Jem holds a B.A. Hons. In Scandinavian Studies from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. He has practised Zen Meditation/Mindfulness and Martial Arts since 1978. Since 1992 he has held courses, seminars, lectures and similar for, amongst others, Norwegian and international participants, companies, executives, councils, sports clubs, health workers, police, Colleges and High Schools.

HeimVegen is a unique experience of nature, culture and health where mountain tours, wilderness activities, culture and traditions, natural therapy and holistic health purposefully develope from a conscious natural lifestyle. The services offered, company management and development are all inspired by a practical ecophilosophy where we aspire to work with nature; the earth, the mountains and forests, the landscape and the climate.


About Jamie and Valdres Fjellguider:

Jamie is the senior instructor and manager at Valdres Fjellguides. He holds Climbing, Glacier and Avalanche instructor qualifications through the Norsk Fjellsports Forum, which is the home-grown Norwegian qualification system.

Jamie grew up in the English Lake District, where he first started exploring the valleys and mountains.  He soon, however, moved to Scotland and undertook a degree in geology continuing his apprenticeship in climbing and mountaineering.  He worked as a freelance geologist and instructor for many years before coming into contact with the Scottish Avalanche Service where he worked as a part-time mountain assistant.  This section of his life deepened his understanding of avalanche methodology, especially the human factor.  As a geologist, Jamie has worked in many places, including Norway and, in 2007 he moved full time to Bergen, where he fell for the land and one of its inhabitants!  After a bit of moving about, they bought an old farm in Valdres and he started Valdres Fjellguider.

He has climbed in many lands including the UK, Norway, Italy, France, Spain, Canada and Nepal, but feels most at home in the high mountains of the Jotunheim.

Jamie´s philosophy is simple; The mountains are for everyone, respect both people and the environment and try as best as you can to stay in the moment.

His road into mindfulness came about from a series of inquiries into life, it’s meaning and that there is always apart of him that is craving for something and apart that is never satisfied. He has attended courses in both spiritual (Buddhist / Zen) and secular (ACEM) meditation, has been on several retreats and at present learning Taiji Quan under the mentorship of Jem from HeimVegen.

Take contact if you wish to learn more about these courses.