Mindfulness in Nature – Foundation (Mountain Skiing) – Dates: 12 – 14 January 2018

Mindfulness in nature

Winter is a beautiful time; the frozen landscape presents challenges and meaning, to travel through this landscape on skis is often a deeply rich experience.

The course over 2.5 days includes instruction in the foundation of mindfulness, different forms of mindfulness practice including Qi Gong, experiencing the winter landscape, getting a sense of snow, its beautiful forms and its hidden layers, skills to enjoy the frozen landscape that include staying warm and how to stay safe, winter tour planning.

The terrain we follow is not too steep (under 30dgrs) with the focus on providing a good learning environment, and therefore the course will suit all ski abilities.

Dates 12 – 14 January Bookings before 4 January

Venue; Aalstveit farm and activity centre Hemsedal

Price; NOK 2500,- including shared accommodation and food. Bring your sleeping bag.

Language; Norwegian and English

Necessary equipment;

Warm and windproof skiing clothes, mountain touring skis (or Randone. Telemark or similar) ski poles and boots; snow-gaiters, personal daysack for; extra clothes, lunch pack, warm drink, personal equipment.(we have some skis and boots for hire).

Other: personal compass, snow spade, search probe and first aid kit if you have them. NB! Remember, warm clothes. You will be outside for 5 hours. For mindfulness practice in the morning and evening please bring comfortable loose fitting clothes.

For booking and more info contact  info@heimvegen.com mob.90646507  www.heimvegen.com . or

www.valdresfjellguider.com  Mob: (+47) 410 77 968 jamie@valdresfjellguider.com