This majestic peak dominates the landscape when seen from Tyin.  Its conical shape forms a charismatic peak and does not fail in catching the eye off all that pass through this landscape.

Even thou the profile of the mountain is an alpine peak it can be ascended with relative ease via Uranosbreen (Glacier) and is within many peoples reach.

The tour takes approximately 8 hours with only the last 30m required steady feet.

From Koldedals, Unranostinden dominates the landscape, conical in shape, standing quite alone.

The walk from Koldedals follows a good track, not strenuous, and a forms pleasant start to the day.  Soon you have to cross a river leading out of Urdalsvatnet and you start the steady climb through a beautiful alpine landscape.  The walk becomes steeper before levelling off, skirting round terminal moraines of Uranosbreen before finally finding the snout of the glacier.

Here you prepare for the glacier crossing.  Often crampons are required on the first section as the winter snows melt away to expose the blue ice of the glacier.

At first, the glaciers snout is quite steep but soon it relents and the terrain becomes gentler.  At this point, the glacier is often snow covered and one continues to wanders up Uranosbreen between the splendid south ridge of Uranostinden and Langeskavtinden to the east.  After approximately 1,5 hours we reach land again, a little north of Uranstinden main summit.  At this point, glacier equipment is stored and we go on foot to the summit.  The ridge is broad at first, with stunning views of the Jotunheim, before steepening to the final 30m ridge to the top.  The last 30m follows an exposed arête where steady feet are required to bring you to the true summit.  Spectacular!

The descent is to reverse the route in its entirety not forgetting to occasional turn and look back at this majestic mountain and think that is the prize!

Route Summary:

Time: 8 hours

Route:  Glacier tour with a exposed final ridge section.

Equipment for tour

You can download a .pdf “In the rucksack” which forms a suggested equipment list. If you are being guided you don’t need navigation equipment or survival bag as the guide will have that.

South Ridge route description:

Time: 8-10 hours

Season:  March to September

Difficulties: Mainly scrambling grade 2 with short sections of 3.

Rack: Light mountain rack, 1 x 60m rope, snow anchors and ice-screws for the glacier descent.

Additional equipment: Crampons, axe and crevasse rescue kit.

Tips: Map, compass and GPS for the glacier descent. At times Uranosbreen (glacier) can be a featureless white room. It’s possible to collect water before the ridge after that there is nothing until you come back to land.

Parking: Find a pull out suitable for the clearance of your car by the side of the rough tractor road in Kaldedalen as near as possible to the barrier.

Route description: From the barrier take the track to Urdalsvatnet, and further on towards Uransobreen, before rising to the terminal moraines obscuring the snout of the glacier taking a line up to the south ridge though grassy terrain interspersed with boulders and small outcrops.

Follow the airy ridge over Uranostind South in a superb position before descending slightly to the col.  From here the route rises over some boulders until the ridge forms more of an arête again.  Follow the arête with increasing interest and exposure until suddenly you reach the top. Spectacular!

Descent:  Continue along the narrow ridge for 30m until the arête morphs back into the hill.  Descent the northwest slopes to the call, in the beginning on steepish snow until the col is reached between the Uransotinden and Slingsbytinden. Not quite at the col, near Slingsbytinden it is possible to scramble down to the glacier.

Descend the glacier and back to the starting point.

Suggested equipment for tour:

As above with the following extras:

Recommended Mountaineering Equipment

A recommended equipment list to mountaineering routes can be downloaded “Equipment to courses“.  If your with a guided party this can be hired or will be provided by the guide.