Våren er en fantastisk tid til å utforske Norge, og da særlig Jotunheimen.  Kong Vinter slipper motvillig taket på det frosne landskapet, og dagene blir lengre og varmere idet våren kommer skridende inn. Dette er tiden for lange skiturer som strekker seg over flere dager, med telt eller fra hytte til hytte, klatring over snødekkede topper, skiturer med klatring på solfylte bergtopper og bergklatring i dalene.

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With the cold dark months of winter finally over, the warmer longer days of Spring offer opportunities to tour through the Jotunheim mountains.  Traditionally, Nordic skiing is carried out during Spring, with the locals touring between hut to hut.

Jotunheim Tour from hut to hut

Often considered the pearl of all tours, this long tour crosses mountain passes and frozen lakes, as it winds its way through the «heartland» of the Jotunheim.  The tour wanders through the valleys, crossing mountain passes and frozen lakes, with the staggering beauty of the Norwegian alpine mountains watching over you.  We overnight in traditional mountains huts that are scattered through the valleys.  Most of the huts are owned by the «Den Norske Turistforeningen» which provide simple accommodation.  Some of the huts are self catering,  while others are more simple, hotel style.  Each place has its own charm and accommodation price to suit nearly every pocket.

The tour runs over 7 days.  This allows one extra day for bad weather and/or take in a simple peak.  For example, Glittertinden, the second highest peak in Norway.

This is a long tour within mountainous terrain and touring is undertaken on Nordic mountain skis. It is essential that all course participants are generally fairly fit as the tour days can be long. It is also recommended that you are competent with Nordic skiing, however, this is not absolutely essential. If you have any concerns about your levels of fitness or of your competence with Nordic Skiing, please contact us.


Mountaineering in Spring brings together the best of both worlds- longer warmer days and wintery snowy peaks.

Fjellsport – «Grunn»

Mountaineering fjellsports

Driver man med fjellsport om våren, kan man få både i pose og sekk: lengre, varmere dager og snøkledde fjelltopper.

Framkomstmiddel vil være truger og/eller ski, avhengig av hvilken tur man velger.

Noen av turene som går gjennom selve “hjertet” av Jotunheimen vil være på ski, enten randonnée- eller fjellski. Vår erfaring viser at det er lite praktisk å gå dypt inn i fjellet på truger. Noen av områdene er relativt flate, så der er det viktigere hvorvidt man er i god form enn hvor flink man er til å holde seg på beina.

Etter kurset mottar man en kursbekreftelse.


Winter is finally over. You can put away all that heavy gear and feel the warm rock under your fingers again.   There is something very pleasurable about skiing up to a mountain crag and climbing on sun-kissed rock before zooming back down to the valley for a coffee and ice cream. The valley climbing can be good as well!

Climbing at this time of the year is about getting ready for those summer projects, learning new skills or just brushing up on some rusty techniques.

This climbing course meets the Norwegian Fjellsports standard and, as with other courses, you will received a diploma/certificate indicating you have undertaken a skills course that meets their standards.

From in to out

Many people start climbing indoors and making that leap (hopefully not literally) from the indoor walls to outside can be quite daunting.  We run courses to help with this transition.

2 day course.

To find out more information please contact us.

Learn to lead

If you want to climb in the mountains or climb trad routes you will at some point want to make your own way up those beautiful climbs.  Starting out can be bit daunting with so many things to think about, remember and how do you place all that gear in a first place? On this course which is run over 2.5 days you will learn how to perform multiple abseils, make belays, place gear and lead in a safe manner.

To find out more information please contact us.

Buddy Rescue

When things go crazy you need a get out of jail card and this is it.  This course based over 2.5 days takes you through the basics of how to rescue your buddy and yourself if things go wrong.  At the end of the day Buddy rescue provides you with the tools to fill your self rescue tool box and should with some dollops of lateral thinking get you out of any crazy situation you might find your self in.

Bespoke climbing courses

If you want a specific approach or the course tailer made to you needs then contact us to find out more information.


The beauty of winter has a harsh unforgiving reality that can linger into Spring but with careful planning, knowledge and discipline the risk of avalanches can be greatly reduced.

Avalanche – The basics – Nordic

This weekend course will teach the basics in a friendly informal manner.  It will cover planning your tour, understanding avalanche bulletins, weather forecasts, understanding terrain, especially terrain traps and basic rescue techniques.

The course will focus heavily on what is called «the human factor»  and «self reflection» both these area are turning out to be vital in avoiding being caught in an avalanche.

The course runs from Friday evening to Sunday.  Both Saturday and Sunday will be spent out on tour in real terrain.  The main focus is on gaining knowledge and learning therefore the tours are not technical or demanding and will suit all abilities of Nordic ski competence.

If you would like any other information please contact us.